If you’re thinking about changing or moving your phone system, give a few minutes consideration to the way you contact your customers.

Call management software gives you access to vital information, such as the number of calls received, made and missed, and how long it takes your staff to answer those essential sales calls.

Take charge of your calls, and the way your customers talk to you!

Using innovative Samsung Xchange technology, Signus can link your PC to your Samsung telephone system, allowing seamless interconnected communications.

Call management software allows you to see exactly who is calling in by merging with your Outlook, Lotus Notes or favourite CRM database. Incoming call numbers are referenced against your existing business data, and discreet screen popping technology quickly tells you who your caller is, and who is available to answer.

With essential call data now available at your fingertips, Samsung Xchange and Signus help to provide your customers with a personalised call experience from start to finish.

Samsung Xchange connects your telephone to your office computer, making you more productive. When a call is received at your telephone, the caller's telephone number is displayed on your computer screen in a small, discreet notification window.

Xchange Operator: It is important that incoming calls are managed as effectively and professionally as possible by your reception staff. That's why Samsung has developed Xchange Operator, a full screen application designed to be used in conjunction with a telephone handset to provide full operator functionality.

Xchange Mobile is an application for Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile phones that connects to a Samsung Xchange Server. Samsung Xchange Mobile client provides both dialing and collaboration features enabling your mobile workers to communicate with office-based workers and benefit fully from the Xchange portfolio.

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