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Seamless wifi access is now an essential service for both homes and business areas, and many customers now expect seamless wireless access in all public areas. Companies, particularly those in the hospitality industries, will often struggle if their wifi is unreliable or unable to deal with high demand.

Signus now provides comprehensive network surveys and coverage reports for customers. These surveys will pinpoint wifi hotspots and dark areas across your buildings, particularly in areas of high traffic, and help you to identify where your wireless service may be struggling.

Signus will work with you to propose a complete wireless solution for access across your home or office. We can manage and install necessary access points, and get your network set up to provide the most consistent speeds across the network.

Signus are an accredited dealer of Samsung’s WLAN enterprise, offering unparallelled performance in seamless wireless working. Samsung’s compact and robust access points are smart, discreet and highly efficient, and provide an optimised wireless environment for smartphones and tablets.

We work with every price point to find the best network solution for you. Click on the logo to find out more!

Wireless Access Points

Take advantage of the latest technological innovations with Samsung’s SMT-i6000 series deskphones. The i6000 series deskphones come with a variety of innovative built-in applications that gives versatile functionality and control to users.

These smart and streamlined phones are compatible with wired or wireless networks, and can be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot within your own office.

Once connected through a wired Ethernet cable, up to five devices can connect to the i6000 handset wirelessly to gain network access. This is particularly useful for networking in small offices, or in listed buildings where cabling is difficult.