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Hosted Seats: the best option for growing SMBs?

It’s well known that a fast broadband service is vital for thriving UK businesses to grow; but have you considered the ways that broadband could also make your business phones cheaper and more flexible?

Signus now provide fully VoIP integrated phone systems, using Hosted Seats to give business a phone system without the need for a physical system box. Services are around 50% cheaper than standard phone lines, with seats starting at £8 per month. Using Hosted Seats, you simply buy a SIP-enabled handset and rent the SIP phone line at a low cost price.

With Hosted Seats you can manage everything about your phones through an online portal. Add voicemail, programme how calls ring on each extension and change your set up to suit your needs, all from your own office desk.

Hosted services simply require at least one SIP-enabled handset and a stable broadband connection, all of which can be supplied by Signus at competitive prices.

We would recommend a that a minimum 8mbps download speed is required for any business looking at hosted seats.