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Switch energy provider!

Did You Know…?

  • You will never lose your gas and electric if you don’t renew your contract. Instead, you will be placed on ‘out of contract tariffs’ instead that could be up to 100% higher.
  • On moving into a new building, businesses will take on the existing supplier rates instead of starting a new contract on ‘out of contract’ rates
  • Many businesses simply allow their utility contracts to roll over year after year on much higher rates
  • It is ALWAYS cheaper to switch to a new supplier than to renew with your existing one.
  • Signus can search the market for you to find the best new rates, and do all the paperwork to switch you to a cheaper contract!

Business rates operate differently to residential contracts, and many business owners are unaware of just how much cheaper their quarterly gas and electricity rates could be.

When moving premises, businesses usually take over the utility supplier in place and are immediately put onto Out of Contract rates, which can be up to 100% higher than a contracted rate. Many businesses also don’t renew their contracts at the end of term, or stick with the same supplier; all things that can send their rates through the roof!

At Signus we are able to broker rates with the UK’s main energy providers, and do the paperwork to get your business utility bills working for you. We can provide end of contract notice to suppliers, switch you onto new contracts and give you advice on the best ways to lower your bills.

Simply contact us, and email through a PDF with a copy of your latest bill to We’ll be more than happy to help!