Signus prides itself on the outstanding service we offer to our customers, and the many ways we can help to improve communications for your business. The services we offer include:


System maintenance

VoIP and Hosted Seats

VOIP advice and installation

SIP Trunking


Structured cabling


Wireless services

Business Calls

Lines and calls


Fault repair


 Samsung telephone systems

Call management

Call Management 0800 Numbers

0800 numbers

SIP Trunks

How can you help me?

All of our phone systems come with full maintenance cover for the first year, where we will respond to any fault in your system within 24 hours, acting quickly to diagnose and solve any problem that arises. Maintenance contracts are renewal on an annual basis and provide a priority call out service and cost cover for spare part replacements and engineer visits.

Our maintained customers are also offered a priority remote access service. This means that Signus engineers can connect to your system remotely, and enables us to quickly diagnose and repair your system issues directly from our service department.

We will always try to ensure that your business experiences minimum disruption to your working day, and work with you to make sure that your system is always covered.

As well as our telecoms services, Signus will also provide and project manage solutions for structured cabling and networking, helping to keep your business ahead of the curve.

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