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Despite all the best laid plans, sometimes things go wrong with telephone systems, handsets and phone lines. Having a maintenance plan in place will help you to tackle any problems that crop up, and allow you to deal with them with the minimum amount of fuss so that your company can get straight back to work.

Signus offers a wide variety of annual maintenance contracts at a low cost rate. Our maintenance entitles you to a priority engineer visit free of charge, and free replacement of malfunctioning system components.

All new systems provided by Signus can have remote access enabled. This allows us to give an instant diagnostic capability to our service department, as well as allowing us to carry out small programme changes remotely.

We offer maintenance on any Samsung system, and are happy to discuss rates for NEC, Nortel, BT and Panasonic systems. We are sorry, but we cannot do any fault repairs on Avaya equipment.

Our standard maintenance contracts cover call outs for standard business working hours (9am-5pm Mon-Fri excluding bank holidays). We are happy to discuss rates for extended hours - just give us a call.