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Why should I update my phone system?

Thanks to the growth of the Internet, phone systems are far more flexible and inexpensive now than ever before. By integrating Voice Over IP (VoIP), you can be confident that you have a system that will grow with you at minimum cost.

In the last few years there has been a massive influx of businesses moving to embrace Internet technology, using SIP trunks and VoIP to make calls. These hosted services make calls cheaper, reduce line rental considerably, help to reduce fault times and make companies with satellite offices and staff far more efficient.

What can Signus offer me?

We pride ourselves on our personalised service, which is always focused on you, the customer. Rather than just giving out a quote over the phone, we prefer to meet you personally and really discuss your requirements.

We can offer a full one stop telecom service and can provide the system, your business phone lines, company broadband, fault maintenance, cabling and wifi coverage all in one great price.

My bills are too expensive. What can Signus do?

We are always happy to give advice on ways to lower your phone bills or to see if you are being charged too much. Feel free to fax the latest copy of your phone bill to 01206 769324 with contact details or email a scanned copy in PDF format to

Can Signus manage my lines and calls?

Absolutely. Talk to us about how we can lower the costs of your monthly phone bills by switching you to a different provider. Alternatively, just send us your latest bill and we’ll do the sums.  

Can I trade in my old handsets / system with you?

Yes, we can occasionally offer a part exchange depending on the age and make of your system. We can also sell on your equipment or help you to find a buyer for it.

Do you work with residential customers?

Of course! Just give us a call.