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With the increasing popularity of mobile devices in the enterprise, such as smartphones and tablets, demands on business wireless needs are growing rapidly. It’s now crucial for businesses to have the infrastructure in place that can handle the rising demand, and Samsung WLAN APs (Wireless Local Area Network Access Points) can deliver outstanding coverage regardless of the size of organisation.

Samsung APs are built with Active Intelligent Antenna, which divert signal to APs in low level areas. This simple touch effortlessly manages high levels of connection across a whole site. Mid to large level networks also benefit from Samsung’s network controllers, which enable consistent adjustments to all APs from just one box. Controllers can even be managed through your smartphone!

Signus can recommend APs for every level of business and every price point, from small offices that need a single access point, to multi-network solutions. We often work with hotels to ensure that every guest has seamless wireless access to their devices during every part of their stay. Simply contact us to find out more!

Benefits of Samsung Wireless LAN APs




Seamless handover between APs allows guests to move around buildings and from reception to their room with no loss of signal to their devices.

Smart internal antennas prioritise coverage for APs seeing heavier use during conferences and meetings, or in areas with high footfall.


Samsung’s Self-Organising Network Technology automatically adjusts transmission power and selects optimum channels to give the most consistent connection and speed for all users.


A dedicated sensor provides full-time scanning for any attacks on APs.

Capable of monitoring all channels and all frequency bands. Effective in blocking Flood and DoS attacks.


Both 2.4 Ghz and 5 GHz


WLAN Controllers provide splash pages for residents to enter room numbers so usage can be effectively tracked.

Smaller businesses can opt to individually control one or two points. Larger businesses would benefit from a Samsung WLAN controller to manage multiple devices at once.