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What do Signus offer?

Signus have been an approved Samsung dealer since 1992, and will provide the most sophisticated telephone systems to your business at the most affordable prices.

Having over 40 years experience in the telecommunications and data communications industry, Signus are able to provide complete solutions for all of your communications requirements from Samsung telephone and VOIP systems to least cost routing solutions.

We install and maintain data networks, and have engineers specifically trained on structured cabling and the installation of Category 5e, 6, 6A, and fibre optic cable.

We also have wireless data networks specialists on our knowledgeable team. This means we can offer topological surveys for wifi coverage, install wireless links between buildings, and provide solutions for improving the wireless coverage in your buildings.

We started in 1987 as a sole trader with our director, Peter Dunnett, working at the helm out of a single Colchester office suite. Over the years we’ve grown and diversified as a company and made plenty of changes, but we always make sure to put our customers first in whatever we do. In 2012 we celebrated our twenty fifth anniversary, and we’re excited about the years and work to come!

Signus work with the suppliers below to provide the best service for our customers.