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Samsung OfficeServ 7200

Ideal for up to 120 extensions

With the 7200, it is easy to enable mobile and VoIP home-working. This provides your business with the greatest flexibility while maintaining control of employees and costs.

The OfficeServ 7200 delivers advanced voice, data and wireless communications in a single platform suitable for a range of businesses including SMB’s, head offices and branch offices.

You can install and manage remote sites without leaving your office and implement centralised cost tracking, security alerts and departmental billing, reducing the total cost of ownership.

Samsung’s building block approach to converged communications allows deployment of a combination of IP, digital or analogue connectivity throughout your operation. The OfficeServ 7000 Series ensures scalability and interoperability between systems, so you can start with a single site and grow the system in line with the needs of your business.

The OfficeServ 7100, 7200 and 7400 systems use the same interface modules and can be flexibly combined for site sizes from 4 to 480 extensions all with the same applications, handsets and management interface.

Businesses can move up from a small 7030 all the way through to a 7200 as they grow, utilising all of Samsung’s call management tools to help make business better in every industry.

The Samsung OfficeServ range offers functional and stylish handsets for every business requirement