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NGN (Non-Geographic Numbers) are popular with businesses who want to project a national presence to potential customers, or who operate from several sites and prefer having one unifying number to be contacted on.

Signus now offer competitive rates for businesses who are looking for an 0800, 0870 or 0845 number, and can also offer numbers beginning 03-, which are designated separately for charities. Numbers are also available on a Bronze, Silver or Gold pricing plan for those who are looking for more memorable NGNs

The benefits on NGNs lie in their flexibility. At the request of a nationwide customer with several distribution centres, Signus were tasked to set up a sophisticated UCD (Universal Call Distribution) system beneath a single NGN. This UCD was then programmed to detect a customers area code and redirect the call to the nearest centre that could then be handled by local staff who understood the customer’s particular requirements.

Signus are always happy to work with customers on setting up lines and NGNs to your specific requirements. Simply contact us for more information!